So why a documentary about Ronald Koal?

Ronald was genuinely talented and never really got where he wanted to be. Most people that watched his progress seemed to just assume there was going to be a time when he got his big break. It just never happened.  He sacrificed so much in the name of achieving his goals.  

Ronald's progress was dictated to some degree by the times he lived in and the challenges that those times presented almost all musicians. The film is as much about those other musicians as it is about Ronald. 

The documentary offers a wide overview of the time and the challenges Ronald faced.  While those that knew or knew of Ronald help explain what was so special about him, The music industry pros witnessed first hand the huge changes in the industry and the "how and the why" that determined who got picked and others didn't.  The film explores the reality of what happens when you do "make it."

Ronald's goal was to get signed to a major record label, (remember those?)  We talk to Ronald's peers that did make it to that next step and got signed and what it really meant to them. The film also features people that made it well beyond getting signed and they talk about what that gave them and what it did not.  

Did Ronald Koal send you a demo? Did you collect flyers from Ronald's and other bands from that era? Did you take some pictures/videos at one of Ronald's gigs? Did Ronald lend you his Beatle Boots? Or do you have a story or experience you wish to share? 

Anything can help! And we will give you credit in the movie and our eternal thanks.  

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About the Filmmaker
Paul Provenzano is the producer, director and editor of this documentary. He has a background in television production including music video and cable programming. Additionally Paul has worked as a video game developer and publisher, helped in the development of a motion capture technology for games and film, and executive produced and edited a documentary about the guitarist Leo Kottke. He also founded a DVD company created to release music-based programming.  

As a student at Ohio State University in Columbus, he was one of those people that observed Ronald and just figured he would be the next big thing.  At the time, he was already clearly a "Rock Star", he was just always broke.  

This film attempts to figure out why it didn't happen for him. 

  • I'm a Hard Man4:33
  • I Love My Job6:08
  • Criminal World4:40
  • Moondust3:06
  • Living For Something3:41
  • Destination Zero4:50
  • Runnin4:17
  • Beach Bum3:42
  • Skin And Bones4:46
  • The Dance 4:51
  • Little Pig2:48
  • This is more like it4:33
  • You Work All Your Life4:33
  • We Together 4:24

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